Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The New Breckland Beira

London's Canary Wharf is the stage for the show debut of a stunning new British sportscar on June 9 2008, as Breckland Technology removes the wraps from its exclusive two-seat V8 soft top, the Breckland Beira, at London Motorexpo.

Norfolk-based Breckland - part of Hong Kong-based multi-national, Riche Holdings - is vastly experienced in the development and production of high-quality, low volume specialist cars and prototypes for an array of prestigious international clients, including Mosler, and has now employed its substantial skills in the making of its own limited-production supercar.

The Breckland Beira is a hand-built, two-seat roadster with unique styling cues, based on proven GM architecture and powered by GM's LS2, 6-litre V8 engine, tuned to produce just a whisper short of 400bhp.

Tipping the scales at some 1,400kg, the Beira's impressive power-to-weight ratio ensures invigorating performance, with the promise of a sub-five second sprint to 100kph, coupled with tremendous torque and a governed top speed of 155mph.

"Beira carries on from where Marcos and TVR left off in terms of providing maximum performance for money spent, and real individuality", says Breckland Director, Mike Rawlings.

"We wanted to showcase Breckland's design and engineering capabilities and produce an exciting driver's car, with excellent handling dynamics, terrific performance and great looks," he added.

Exterior packaging

In order to make the Breckland Beira eye-catchingly different, save weight and liberate additional luggage space behind the passenger compartment, Breckland's design engineers have totally re-modelled both the front and rear body sections in-house, using lightweight composites instead of steel, the result being a highly distinctive nose section and pronounced fastback rear.

Despite the inclusion of an additional 70-litre LPG reservoir to go with the existing, 13-gallon petrol tank, the Breckland Beira features a significant increase in usable luggage space with the hood down, thanks to some clever packaging solutions.

GM steel doors are used to ensure excellent side-impact protection and good sealing properties, while crash protection front and rear is provided by transverse aluminium crush structures attached to the hydro-formed steel chassis. Both front and rear bulkheads are steel to provide rigidity to the windscreen and hood.

Bespoke interior

Breckland Beira features a custom-built interior, including electric windows, air conditioning, twin airbags - in the steering wheel and in the passenger dash - combined with clear, concise instrumentation, and hand-stitched leather/Alcantara seats and trim.

Breckland stresses that the Beira's interior can be customised to specific buyer requirements in terms of materials and equipment - one significant benefit of the company's inherent flexibility as a low-volume producer.

The stylish central instrument cluster incorporates a double DIN showcase of mobile entertainment from in-car specialists, Clarion. Its immense specification includes a 7" TFT colour touch screen, DVD player, direct iPod and Bluetooth connectivity, and an in-built 30Gb hard disk drive (HDD) navigation system with full European mapping. Breckland Beira buyers can also opt for the rear reversing camera, which relays the view behind onto the same in-dash display.

A GM manual cloth hood with heated rear screen is retained on the Breckland Beira and, when folded down, stows quickly and neatly out of sight under the deck lid for a smooth, integrated appearance. This is further accentuated by the sculpted deck lid, incorporating individual fairings behind driver and passenger.


The Breckland Beira is designed very much as a high-quality low-volume, affordable sportscar for enthusiasts, and follows the highly appealing tradition of installing an easily available, American-designed V8 engine in a small, nimble, two-seater chassis to produce an exhilarating, high-performance package. Although using a tried and trusted concept, however, Beira is very much a vehicle for the 21st century, and accomplishes this with both environmental and fuel efficiency concerns in mind.

"We have received tremendous interest, and orders, for Beira already," says Mike Rawlings. "The car debuts in left-hand drive form, underlining its appeal to enthusiasts in Europe and well beyond, and will be available in the UK and internationally via our appointed agent network from November 2008."

The Breckland Beira on-the-road price will be confirmed shortly but is expected to be in the region of £55,000 in the UK.

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